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The Fullness of the Void: Black Light in Lucid Surrender 

After many lucid dreams, I began to understand that when I withdrew my projections and thereby surrendered to the Greater Wisdom of spiritual insight, I found myself ‘pulled’ into  the Black Light that illuminates the ‘empty-centre’,… 

…learning over time to become peacefully at one with this infinite, radiant darkness.

In lucidity, as we regain the capacity for self-reflection, we also retain our connections to the deep feelings aroused in the dreaming state. In this way, lucid dreaming has the potential to bring focused thinking and emotional intelligence together. Whereas Jung applied the alchemical model to understanding psycho-spiritual development expressed through dream imagery, I have found that similar stages can also be consciously initiated in a lucid dream to powerful therapeutic effect.

From Chapter Six, ‘The Fullness of the Void: Black Light in Lucid Surrender’.

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