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Dream Groups
On the Path to Lucidity

One would do well to treat every dream as though it were a totally unknown object. Look at it from all sides, take it in your hand, carry it about with you, let your imagination play round it, and talk about it with other people. – C. G. Jung

Delve into Your Dreams

Short & Long-term Dream Groups

While we sleep, the brain’s intricate neurology connects us to a mysterious ‘sea of dreams’ – vast ‘domains of potentiality’. Dreams, whether felt to be positive or negative, memorable or inconsequential, fragmentary or complete, serve to connect us to a transformative energy that, like the power of the sea when harnessed, can change our lives and the world around us. While much of the good our dreams do us happens without our full awareness, to benefit fully from our dreams, we need to bring our attention to them – no matter whether we recall a dream as a whole or only in wisps – before the dream recedes into the forgetfulness of sleep or the distractions of waking life. Sharing your dreams with others in empathetic and supportive Dream Groups gives you the time and space to delve into dreams with deep feeling and awareness on the path to lucidity.

The Hidden Lives of Dreams Webinar

Spring 2024 Dates, TBC

4:30 – 5:50pm GMT, 4 participants maximum, £350 (CPD credits)


This online, 7-week introductory course offers a multi-dimensional look at dreams through the practice of the Waking Dream Process. Together, we develop a deeper awareness of dreams and how they can influence our lives. Drawing on the book The Hidden Lives of Dreams, we will:

  • examine the importance of sleep and dreams
  • experience Waking Dreamwork.
  • explore the role of light, colour, landscapes, space, and healing presence in dreams
  • dispel common misconceptions about nightmares and address the fears they bring up
  • learn how to tap into dreams as a source of guidance
  • begin to develop awareness within dreams to enhance dream lucidity
  • learn about lucid dreaming as a spiritual practice in Lucid Surrender


Lucid Surrender Masterclass, Online

Autumn 2024 Dates, TBC

4:30 – 5:50 GMT, 4 participants maximum, £350 (CPD credits)

This online, 7-week masterclass takes participants into lucid dreaming through the radical path of Lucid Surrender. You do not have to be a lucid dreamer to participate. Together, we look at the therapeutic applications of lucid dreaming and the Waking Dream Process, exploring how dream lucidity facilitates our psychological and spiritual growth. Drawing on the book Lucid Surrender: The Alchemy of the Soul in Lucid Dreaming, we will look at the following topics:

  • Dream Lucidity, Healing, and Consciousness
    The therapeutic applications of lucidity in dealing with projections, transference, and our fears.
  • The Relationship of Alchemy to Dream Lucidity
    An overview of the connection between alchemy and the ways in which alchemical processes and stages can manifest in dream lucidity both in terms of imagery and psychology.
  • Lucid Dream Landscapes
    A guided journey into the dreamscapes of spiritual lucid dreaming, moving from form-based imagery to the ultimate formlessness of Spirit.
  • The Nature of Light and Colour in Dreams
    A theoretical and practical introduction into the nature of light, including the Black Light of the ‘void’, manifested in lucidity.
  • The Use of the Waking Dream to Develop Dream Lucidity
    The use of the Waking Dream Process and the power of Creative Imagination to facilitate lucidity in dreams, therapeutic practice and waking life.
  • Living Lucidly
    Applying principles of Lucid Awareness to waking life


Try a Bespoke Dream Group

  • Short or long-term dream sharing, dreamwork and the Waking Dream Process
  • For professionals, peer groups, colleagues or friends
  • Fees vary according to group size
  • Bespoke scheduling


Register for a Dream Group

Long-Term Dream Groups

DRI’s Certified Training

I also offer 28-week dream groups online as a Dream Research Institute facilitator. See the DRI website and contact me for more information.

  • Introduction to Dreamwork An experiential dream group. Deepen your understanding of dream guidance.
  • Essentials of Dreamwork and Advanced Waking Dreamwork For trained therapists. With a group of colleagues, you will explore your own Waking Dream Process. With my support, you will also develop your own ability to facilitate deep and transformative dreamwork for clients
  • Essentials of Lucid Dreaming and Advanced Lucid Dreaming These groups are for those who have an interest in lucid dreaming from a psycho-spiritual perspective. (Being an active lucid dreamer is not an entry requirement). Experiential practice with the Waking Dream Process is used to develop awareness in dreams. The sessions give members an opportunity to explore the science of dream lucidity, the therapeutic applications of dream lucidity and lucid dreaming as a spiritual path.

What truly connects us?

Dreams at the Heart of Our Humanity


To help us gain clarity about ourselves and our lives, dreamwork goes straight to the heart of the matter, by-passing the mind’s defences to reveal the thoughts of the heart and the soul’s gifts.
To share a dream requires honesty, openness, humility, and vulnerability. When a dream is disclosed, we can see our common humanity mirrored in the dream. We learn to listen feelingly and to become conscious of hidden connections. The authenticity of dream sharing arouses empathy and compassion in those who listen. By sharing in each other’s dreams, we become more fully human on our path to lucidity, awakened to the soul of humanity.


The more we ‘wake up’ to dreams, we wake up to life!