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Dream Guidance & the Waking Dream

The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird waits in the egg, and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities – James Allen

Soul-Awakening Through Dreams

As your Dream Guide, I help you awaken to your soul’s full potential.

I enable you to explore the wisdom of dreams to remind you of what you have always known but may have forgotten about yourself and the world.

My work initiates you into a deeper understanding of dreaming and yourself. Like a midwife to your soul, I offer to help you in giving birth to your dreams. In this way, your dreams become the ‘seedlings of realities’ in your life on this earth and even beyond.

From my wide experience of dream lucidity, I teach a path I call ‘Lucid Surrender’™, an approach to dreams that awakens the soul to the mysterious Presence at the heart of Creation. I offer my work to those who desire to move into the depths of dreams, who value compassion as much as knowledge and who seek within the wellspring of life that guides us to meet, with love and wisdom, the challenges facing us in the world today.

Do you ever wake up in the dark and ask yourself…

Why am I so afraid?
How can I overcome my fears?
What should I do now?
How will I manage?
What is my purpose in life?

As Carl Jung observed, it is the encounter with the numinous, with a powerful healing Presence, that is the ‘real therapy’.

Each of us has the potential to discover this ‘real therapy’ for ourselves as we learn to become conscious in the lucid dream state – to wake up in sleep.

The call to ‘wake up’ to a greater wisdom and deeper love is present in all Wisdom Traditions and, it is found, no less, in our dreams. We can learn how to respond to this call.

These involve numinous encounters that empower us to make more transformative change to our waking world.

In lucid dreams, we can choose the action we take in the dream state, much as we do in the waking world. If we choose consciously to align our individual will with the ‘Highest Will’ and to surrender to the awareness that we ‘belong to more than ourselves’, profound new experiences of being and knowing arise.

Discover more about the nocturnal therapy of your dreams

Dreams ask & answer
what life requires. They can…

Offer Practical Solutions

Dreams can give us direct guidance for our physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

Show how Your Thinking May Limit you

Anxiety dreams and nightmares challenge us to face our fears and move through them.

Help You to See Unhelpful Life Patterns

We can work with ‘bad’ dreams to break through unhelpful dynamics.

Reveal Your Unrealised Talents & Gifts

Dreams not only mirror our psychological complexes but also our soul’s potential.

Open You to the Sacred & Divine

Dreams put us in touch with the awareness that we belong to more than ourselves.

Develop Your Capacity for Dream Lucidity

Work with your dreams to become more lucid both in sleep and waking life.

Changing the world one dream at a time

The Waking Dream

To help awaken you to your dream’s intent, and to develop your awareness in dreams, I use an experiential dream re-entry process called the Waking Dream Process, originally developed by Nigel Hamilton. As the name suggest, I invite you to re-enter a dream of yours while in the waking state. You are awake but your eyes will be closed or partially open as when doing meditation. You re-enter the dream in a relaxed but focused state. You are not alone in the experience, for I am alongside you as a guide and witness to your process, enabling an empathetic and lucid perspective to your re-engagement with the dream.

Exploring the depths of dreaming with an experienced guide like Melinda Powell will bring you closer to your heart, your purpose and your truest self.

Robert Waggoner
Author of Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self

My attitude towards dreams and the waking dreamwork has changed in that I have learned that the ability to dream lucidly wasn’t an end in itself, but that it provided another context in which one can deepen awareness.

Anonymous Dream Guidance Client
As quoted in The Hidden Lives of Dreams

What happens in a Waking Dream Session?

Depending on your needs, during a session we may work associatively with your dream material and/or with dream re-entry related to part, or all, of a dream, interweaving your dreams and life experience to see what new life emerges.

Prior to the Waking Dream session:

  • Write down or draw your dream(s)
  • Have a 50-minute consultation with me to see what’s best for you going forward
  • Clarify the terms of our Waking Dreamwork

After your Waking Experience, you may:

  • Amplify your dream experience through artwork, creative writing, and focused meditation.
  • Look more deeply into the feelings and thoughts that arise in the sessions.
  • Explore how your new understanding of your dream changes your life.

1:1 Dream Guide Sessions via Zoom:
Initial 50-minute consultation to assess what is best going forward, £80; 50-minute session, £80; 75-minute session £120.


Book an Introductory 1-to-1 Consultation

During the session, I will guide you to:

  • Share the dream you’d like work with.
  • Explain the life context for your dream.
  • Describe the feelings it brought up for you.
  • Work associatively with the dream symbols.
  • Use your breath to bring focus and calmness.
  • Re-enter your dream imaginatively in the waking state.
  • Re-engage with the dream content and feelings as guided.
  • Talk me through the dream experience in the present tense.
  • Reflect on how parts of the dream may connect with your life.
  • Work with gestures and physical movements.
  • Use therapeutic techniques to deepen experience.
  • Bring the Dream re-entry process to a close.
  • Reflect on how the dream may apply to your life now.

The more we ‘wake up’ to dreams, the more we wake up to life.