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Lucid Dream Alchemy

Lucid Dream Alchemy explores lucid dreaming through the twin lenses of alchemy and Lucid Surrender.

A debt is owed to Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, who understood alchemical imagery to be revealing of the process of Individuation, whereby a person’s outer life becomes creatively aligned with their inner nature.

The alchemy of transpersonal consciousness, in which the practice of Lucid Surrender confers a profound experience of wholeness within the dream, can be signposted by key stages and symbols outlined in Jung’s alchemical model. This chapter introduces alchemical emblems and principles that help us to understand the transformational processes at work in dream lucidity. Further chapters in this section amplify the alchemical teachings introduced here as they express lucid dream alchemy.

From Chapter Five, ‘The Alchemist’s Study: Lucid Dream Alchemy’